Further, together

Alievo is the encounter and the alliance of two business leaders, it is the synergy that unites two different and complementary women.

Alievo is the combination of two words: ally and evolution. It is the deep belief that the synergy that works through collaboration between two or more people can generate greater and more powerful results than working alone. By joining forces, our skills, our strengths and our talents do more than just add up, they multiply.

Alievo is also inspired by the Italian word allievo which means student, learner. It is an invitation to place oneself in a position of openness and curiosity in order to learn, transform and evolve. In collaboration with you, we develop the emotional intelligence skills of your teams. We create a climate of trust that allows for reflection and awareness, and ultimately, the learning and emergence of new skills and behaviours.

Ready for the next level? We are! Together, we can make emotional intelligence the lever for the transformation and evolution of your teams and your organization.

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