Influential Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

A key behavior of effective leaders is the ability to influence those around them to achieve favorable outcomes. Influence in itself means that the individual is able to influence the ideas, opinions and actions of others.

Leadership requires the ability to lead in away that has a positive and unifying effect. The ability to influence effectively thus becomes a key leadership skill for a new generation of leaders.

Why does influence matters?

Workplaces today are characterized by levels of change and complexity never before seen.The realities of organizations, such as setting common objectives, managing diverse and often dispersed teams, and integrating diverse individuals and interests, require the ability to influence others. As a leader, knowing your preferred influence style as well as the emotional intelligence skills that support you is a valuable asset to positively influence people aroundyou.

A Half-Day experiential training

This half-day training session focuses on leadership and influence and allows participants to identify their own preferred style when in a situation of influence. They will become aware of the emotional intelligence skills required to exercise positive influential leadership that fosters trust, support and engagement.

Through the Influence Style Indicator™ (ISI™) as well as through group and individual reflection activities, participants will learn how to improve the effectiveness of their influential leadership. They will understand in which situations their style of influence works best and identify when it may be ineffective.They will put in place concrete ways to adapt and modify their style when needed.

Objectives of this training session on influence

During this training, participants will:

  • Discover the five styles of influence: Rationalizing,Asserting, Negotiating, Inspiring and Bridging;
  • Understand when each of the influence styles has the most impact and identify the potential pitfalls associated with these different styles;
  • Improve their ability to interact with others using a variety of influencing styles;
    Identify the preferred influence styles of others’ in order to better exercise their power of influence;
  • Recognize the key emotional intelligence competencies, drawn from the EQ-i 2.0® model,that will support them in exercising their influential leadership.


Due to the current international situation related to COVID-19, our trainings are offered in virtual mode only for the moment.


The experiential training session includes:

  • A web link to complete your own Influence Style Indicator assessment™
  • A personalized Influence Style Indicator™ report
  • A half-day (3.5 hours) of experiential and interactive online training with Mylène Beauchamp, ISI™ master trainer, seasoned facilitator, and certified professional coach.


We offer the possibility to create personalized offerings for groups based on the dates that suit you. Contact us to discuss the possibilities.