25 June 2020

Ready for the next level?

The last few months have been rich in emotion for many. Our ability to adapt has been put to the test. We find ourselves at the gates of summer with cautious hope for what the future holds in our personal and professional lives. We hope that as you read these lines, you are doing well and that the same goes for your loved ones.

Today, it is with excitement that we unveil Alievo’s new brand image. We wondered whether launching a new image during a pandemic was the right time. The right time to celebrate, the right time to rejoice and share with you the high point of our efforts over the past year.

With hindsight and introspection, the answer has emerged. There is no better time than now. In times of pandemic, as at other times in our lives, a variety of emotions may well coexist. We are willing to make room for both a sense of sadness in relation to a reality that is no longer there, and a sense of pride and optimism for the future that is taking shape.

So here we are today with our new colors, slogan, logo, and the words that describe so well what Alievo is becoming.

As our new slogan says, Alievo is steping up to the next level. After 3 years of existence, of projects and nourishing mandates, Alievo is taking its clients to the next level of service. We are extending our reach on different continents and we count on a growing network of allies. Alievo is maturing, Alievo grows with each of you. Our new image is our way of marking this passage.


Our vision has become sharper and stronger. All our efforts are aimed at bringing emotions to the heart of the transformation and evolution of individuals and organizations. In support of our clients and their teams, we develop emotional intelligence skills to optimize well-being and performance, both at the individual and organizational levels.

We see it in our work within organizations, leaders and their teams are in need of tools to be and to act differently, to face the challenges of a world in perpetual change. Well-being and performance are declining, insecurity and doubt are on the rise and work-life balance is fragile. No doubt you have seen it in your workplace and that you too are facing these challenges. We understand your issues; the challenges are great.

Imagine the future of work and how it could be transformed if everyone had access to a broader skill set to navigate this changing reality. Our experience and the research show that these skills are not technical, they are social and emotional.

Think of a leader who has had a strong and positive impact on you in times of change… you have someone in mind? That’s great! What was it like to work with this leader? How did that person make you feel? How did that person behave? Your leader probably had developed strong emotional intelligence skills. This person was probably able to use their emotions without being dominated by them, to express what they wanted and felt in a constructive way, your leader was probably able to develop and maintain mutually satisfying relationships, and probably learned how to keep their cool and make decisions under pressure while keeping their teams inspired and motivated despite the turbulence.

Now imagine that you yourself are that kind of leader in times of change… that you have developed those social and emotional skills that allow you to better navigate in times of uncertainty. That is where Alievo really comes to life. Mélanie and I make your evolution our daily work, our greatest success; these are the transformations we create. We accompany you in your evolution.

Ready for the next level?

With this first post, we are relaunching Alievo’s blog after a prolonged absence. As the months go by, we will be feeding it with tools related to emotional and social skills development to enable you to optimize your well-being and performance, both for you and your teams. We hope that the content we will offer you will answer your questions and meet your needs. Please do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions or if you wish to make suggest topics that would be relevant to your current reality. With this new impulse for Alievo, we wish to nourish a strong desire for transformation within organizations, driven by emotional intelligence.

Your turn now.

We would like to invite you to take a moment, wherever you are right now, to reflect on the road you have travelled and the obstacles you have overcome over the past few months. Here are some coaching questions to guide your reflection:

  • What are you particularly proud of in relation to your accomplishments over the past few months? What successes, big or small, would you like to celebrate?
  • What have been your greatest learnings? How do these now influence your actions and behaviours?
  • What does it mean for you to take it to the next level? What are the first steps to take you to your next level?

We hope that this reflection is timely for you. Please know that we remain available to accompany you and your teams in your transformations and evolutions. We are your allies.

On that note, we wish you a great summer. We look forward to getting back to you in a few weeks for a next post from Alievo.

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