23 May 2018

A Brand New Web Site for Alievo!

That’s it, Alievo’s brand new website is online! We are proud and happy to introduce Who We Are and Our Purpose.

We also invite you to discover How We Work and how we support our clients in developing individual and collective leadership within organizations.

A big thank you to our collaborators

Our company is what it is because of the partners and collaborators with whom it allies. The synergy that is generated by our work, efforts and shared visions makes Alievo unique.

A huge thank you to Coloc, Studio Créatif for the creative work and support throughout the process. You’ve turned our ideas into reality.

For the pictures that represent who we are, a big thank you to Martine & Co. You captured the authenticity and the synergy through your lens.

And to Mélanie Rivest, an outstanding language expert, for editing and correcting the texts on our site. Thank you for your concern for excellence.

In an era where everything is moving fast and the sense of urgency is constant, it would have been easy to bow to the pressures around us and launch Alievo’s blog in the same vein.

We have chosen to take the time to think carefully about the content we will propose to you. We are currently working on our first articles to appear on Alievo’s blog. To be notified when articles are published, subscribe to our mailing list by clicking the orange button at the bottom of this page.

In the meantime, we are posting an article in the Blog section that we originally written and published in the September 2017 edition of the Coach Québec. Enjoy your reading!

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